Thursday, July 30, 2009

at the library

Anita wasn't sure why she noticed him standing there, perhaps an idiot just staring at her, in the library.

She'd put what felt to be a ton of books away in the stacks. Lauren hadn't mentioned how back breaking this job would be. But lately, that's all she did was work at the library. She had lost track of Theresa. Actually. And she was doing her best, trying not to think about her. She was sure Theresa would never know how she'd hurt her. Anita knew she had to stop thinking about her because Theresa certainly wasn't on her mind.

She'd gotten an e-mail telling her she was on holiday at the beach. And of course, there was nothing sweet about the e-mail. It was just

"May I help you?" She looked back at the dark haired boy who looked practically like a girl to Anita. Well, maybe he was a girl. She smiled about that.

"Oh." He looked around as if she might have been wanting to help someone else. Not him.

Of course, Jamie chimed in, who hadn't lifted a finger with those books that still needed to be put away, "I don't think you've met my son, Sebastian." He was all smiles and so happy and genuine.

Anita looked at him wide-eyed then. It surprised her. She was shocked. That was the last thing she expected to hear. Of course, Jamie didn't wait for a reply he went off toward the library director's office.

Sebastian stood there biting his bottom lip as if he was ready to run and hide from her as if he didn't want people to know this fact.

"Do you need any help?" Sebastain sounded so sincere which Anita couldn't help but smile.

"I'd love it," Anita smiled with a sigh. She felt so tired as it was. Sebastian almost smiled back.

In no time he was working along side her. Anita was happy for the company, but he was so quiet.
"So do you read a lot?" She decided to at least ask. Perhaps he hated the library.

"Some." He told her. "I like the graphics, actually." He whispered. "But don't tell anyone." He smiled then. "My brother wants me to be so scholar, you know. Dunno, if it'll help."

"Will you be going to school here?"

"Dunno." He looked a bit sad to her.

"If you do, we'll be mates." It was the least she could do. "I could show you around while you're here. If you like?"

"Yes, please." Sebastian smiled. "I'd love it." He clammed up then as if she'd said nothing to him at all. As if, he wouldn't dare mention it again. Or the fact he didn't want to burden her with anymore questions.

"When, we finish up here, lets have a juice at the Black Cat." It had been a while that she'd been anywhere.

Sebastian just nodded and picked up more books to put away.


e.l. said...

it'll be good for him to have a friend. & she needs one too.

past the point said...

I so like Sebastian!

Anonymous said...

Sebastion is cool! I'm not sure Nicole is so smart in the end though, she tends to not think before she speaks...