Thursday, June 18, 2009

the wonder

Where had Maxie disappeared too? Katy didn't know what to make of it. She'd left him messages on his cell. She supposed the BBQ was more work than she knew. Perhaps he was off at the shops getting things done. It seemed to be days. Or perhaps she was spending far too much time with Tristan. She couldn't help herself, but then she hadn't exactly explained it to Maxie, either.

Would he think she'd kidnapped the child? She was excited and worried at the same moment. She feared someone at the hospital would change their minds, but Jamie had helped her, and it was all so rather magical. She didn't know what to make of him.

"Does he seem right to you?" Katy couldn't help but ask Sasha about it. She seemed to think he was. She was always agreeable around Jamie. Kady found herself smiling when she thought about it. Best not to ask one more question about it.

"Have you seen Maxie?" That was the real question on her mind.

"Don't believe so. Can't say I'd know where he'd slip away too."

"Probably went to the butcher." Katy decided. But would it have taken so long?

Damn, she hoped he hadn't been mugged or in an accident. She tried not to have troubled thoughts about it.

Really, it seemed the only thing right to think about was Jamie and what he'd done for her. It was the only thing that was a comfort to her. She wondered if he could do anything for her about Maxie.


dapper kid said...

Oh dear, poor Katy. I don't know whether Maxie is who she should be looking for. I mean he probably should be there, but maybe he is giving her the space she needs?

Cait said...

Maxie just has to get his priorities straight. For sure.

elliestories said...

i find jamie so intriguing.

Winnie said...

I'm sure Maxie will turn up soon enough...