Sunday, June 28, 2009

when tomorrow comes

The things Lauren could be doing. She knew she could be a nervous wreck. All the stuff she needed to pack.

Cecil had found them an old school bus to travel in for the festivals and carnivals they'd be going to. It was pretty much make shift, but there was a little fridge, two small beds for sleep and a place for their equipment. It would be tight, but manageable.

"Aren't you excited!" Evidently Fletch was, all smiles and could hardly keep still even now in their room.

"Of course," but she was cool about it. "I just want to enjoy my bed as long as I can. All right?" She really wanted to breathe every inch of it before they had to get on the road.

"You said you thought it was lumpy?" Fletch reminded her as he leaned over her. She was in bed. He was in his black briefs.

"I didn't mean it. I love the lumps." She smiled.

"Well, since you put it that way," Fletch chuckled. He got back in bed with her. It was morning. There was still time for other things before they had to head over to Cecil's for the final paperwork of what they were obligated too.

She put her arms around him. They kissed. Lauren savored the happiness they shared. She loved his smile, and it was contagious as they kissed more, touching so sweetly as if they could be here quite a while. So cozy and almost as good as sleep, but she was very awake of his senses.

Lauren had a feeling this mini three week tour would be splendid. They had their gig at the Black Cat tonight then they were on the road at midnight hoping to get to the festival outside Birmingham. Ian would be driving. She wished Alfie would come along to do the driving, but Cecil had him wrapped up in taking care of the Underground.

"I don't know if Ian should be the driver," Lauren said just as Fletch was about to make his move to let her be on top.

"You know we can't afford a driver," Fletch winced slightly, but Frenched her hoping she'd forget about the matter. She smiled from his touch knowing he wasn't the one she needed to talk too about this sort of band thing.

She'd chat Cecil up. He had to know someone who wanted to get away for the summer.


dapper kid said...

How wonderfully exciting. The converted school bus sounds like the perfect tour bus! Really looking forward to them starting the tour :)

e.l. said...

That was really sweet. I hope they have a great time on their band tour.

Cait said...

I like them together.

taffy. said...


aww, i like their cuddling.