Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tea time

Frannie had Sasha over for tea. She was the first to see Cecil's place since she'd moved in with him.

"He really did out do himself this time," Sasha smiled. "I think he adores you." The place had a certain elegance to it even if were very quaint. He'd put in so much extra shelving. It was very tidy and clean now.

"You seem much more, I dunno, something that I can't exactly put my finger on," Frannie said.

"Happy?" Sasha smiled.

"Yes, could be."

Frannie had strawberries and biscuits to munch on.

"The room is really lovely." Sasha told her about being at The Oaks. "We usually have supper in the kitchen. Still planning a meal in the dining hall, just would rather hang out in the kitchen though."

"Yes, but wouldn't it be lovely to use all that fine china?" Frannie smiled.

"Then, you and Cecil would have to come." Sasha told her.

"But would that be wise?" She was thinking of Rhys now.

"It would be lovely, you would see, Rhys is well, very easy to get along with these days." Sasha sipped her tea.

"Really, what have you done to him? Drug him, Sasha?" Frannie had to ask.

"No." Sasha just laughed.

"Well, you look radiant. Something must be right." Frannie told her.

"Truly. Indeed." Sasha sighed.

They had their tea then. Really, Frannie was sure of it. Sasha was her very best friend.


e.l. said...

Have to wonder who is influncing who here..Rhys, Sasha..or someone else.

past the point of love said...

I'm glad they can keep their friendship in spite of everything.

Cait said...

The need more tea party times. I hope they keep their friendship going.