Saturday, June 6, 2009

a sweet life

Frannie couldn't quite believe it. Cecil had out done himself. All of her things at his place. Shelves just for her little library. It was sweet. New bedding for their room. And he'd put Nico's room together too.

He'd never actually had his own room before, and it was one he could grow into. Frannie couldn't help but to touch his crib. His toys. Even the bright blue curtains. He'd painted the room an inviting blue too.

"Where did you find the time?" She smiled.

"I kept Fletch busy. I think I could hire him out as a house painter now." Cecil gave her a hug.

Even their room was a rich sea-foam green, and it really did feel quite serene now.

They walked about the kitchen. It was just a galley. The stove was old, but she managed fine with it.

"Be patient with me, " he told her. "I want a new stove for you, but I think it should be you who picks it out."

"Really?" It felt like Christmas. She could hardly wait.

Frannie sighed then. She really was thankful to be here. She so never wanted to breathe Rhy's name again. She could only hope Sasha would find a way to deal with him. She so felt sad for her being in her room now back at the Oaks. Frannie felt the need to call her, but she couldn't. Not just yet.


ellie said...

I'm happy that Cecil does all these sweet things for Frannie.

maxxie and tony said...

Cecil is sweet.