Monday, June 22, 2009


Frannie hadn't expected to see so many new faces at the BBQ. Cecil carried in the chocolate cake.

"Next time, its brunch and I'll bring French toast if you'll bring the strawberries," she informed Sasha who was cozy with Rhys, but she didn't mind. As it was Nico had someone to play with. Katy had a little one with her. Then Billy and Newt were over with Leia and Liam.

It was beginning to be a crowd with Josh and Simon mingling. Mostly, Simon was watching Maxie with the steaks. He had a meat thermometer with him to make sure the steaks were at the right temperature.

She wasn't sure what to think of the gathering. Perhaps there wasn't enough chocolate cake for everyone. She hadn't thought there would have been that many, but with plenty of lager around, well, everyone wanted to stop by.

"Who's that?" She pointed to the bloke who looked a lot like Newt, but older.

"Newt's brother is visiting." Sasha told her. "He's been staying with Ian. I guess he's working at the Black Cat now."

"I'm beginning to think the Black Cat employes a good many in the village. Even Cecil is on the payroll." Frannie told Sasha.

"Seriously? What could he possibly be doing there?" Sasha didn't get the connection.

"It seems he's started a club of some kind in the basement at the Black Cat." Frannie hugged herself hoping Rhys wouldn't look at her. He was off now with the boys kicking the football about.

"Wow, that must be exciting. Live music. Cecil knows a thing or two about bands." Sasha just smiled.

"Guess, we won't be going to a show anytime soon." Frannie shrugged. Really they were nearing their last trimesterof pregnancy now. It wouldn't be long until they both had newborns.


ellie said...

Looks like a lot of cool things ahead.

dapper kid said...

How lovely to see everyone together in one place and just enjoying themselves :)

Winnie said...

It's lovely having bbqs and all your friends get together and you have groups of friends mingling with others.

Glad you liked my 'shrug' It was actually a long cardigan which I tied at the back so it was more shrug-like!