Saturday, June 20, 2009

staying true

Katy saw Kelsy coming out of Jamie's room. She hadn't expected that. It was a bit awkward, especially, since she had Tristan in her arms.

"Who's baby is that?" Kelsy asked.

"Well, mine of course," Katy admitted as if she couldn't dare say it wasn't.

Kelsy just looked at them. She walked away then. For a moment Katy feared she'd think to say something to Colin, but really, it didn't matter so much to her if she did.

"What was that about?" Katy winced when she saw Jamie leaning against his doorway.

"Perhaps she has just as many secrets as you do." He left it at that and walked back into his room and she followed.

"Really, we have to stop meeting this way or some might start to talk." He took Tristan from her.

"Look, I don't know if you can help or anything," Katy said. "But would you know where Maxie is off too?"

"Hmmm," Jamie thought for a moment. "No, can't say I do and really, you shouldn't worry your pretty little head about it. I'm sure he'll be here before you know it."


"He's moving slowly, that's all." Jamie promised. "I'm sure when he sees you with Tristan he'll be all open arms about it."

"Can you read minds?" She asked.

"Quite possibly." He nodded.

"So you know everything going on, don't you?" She winced.

"No." He cleared this throat. "I liked to be surprised as much as you do."

"I wish I knew how he'd react when he sees Tristan." She told him.

"I'm sure it'll be positive. He seems to have the energy for it. Is that all you needed to know?" He stared at her.

"I suppose." She couldn't help but sense that maybe Maxie wasn't being true to her, but she hated to ask.

"Don't dwell on what you don't know." Jamie left it at that. "Things will be fine. All right. You'll see. Better than ever." His impish smile broaden. He gave her a pat on the back then and handed her back Tristan.

Katy just sighed. She liked Jamie's optimism.


e.l. said...

I think Jamie wants to protect Katy too. But I wonder what Kelsy is going to do now that she saw Tristan.

past the point said...

Definitely some interesting developments. I'm still just wondering what sort of power Jamie has. & now Kelsy. Oh my..what next.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for your comment! Great blog!


dapper kid said...

I'm quite sure Maxie will be ok about it. I'm more worried about what's going on between Jamie and Katy to be honest!