Sunday, June 14, 2009

something not right

Maxie thought of Ian with Alfie. It made him sad to think Ian had already found someone. Surely, there were just friends. Had to be.

It was really trying, staying away from Ian. He knew it was for the best and yet even with Kady around he felt more lonely than ever before. He had bouts of despair. A part of him wanted to get checked out at the hospital. He suppose they could give him some happy pills. Perhaps that would pull him through this.

He even found himself distant to Simon too. And he wished he could say more, but when he would drop in, he'd pretend to be busy. He needed to be busy. But then these flash of memories of Ian would come back, and he hated it. He so wanted it to be over with Ian and yet he wasn't.

He got Fletch to help him with the grills.

"Tell me, do you do this much?" Fletch scrapped the old gunk off the grill to get ready for the new gunk that came with a BBQ.

"Really, don't know the last time I've done such a thing." Maxie did his best to make small talk.

"How come you never talk to Ian, anymore?" Fletch wanted to know.

"Not much to say, I guess. Looks like he's found himself a new mate, anyway," Maxie said. "How did that come about?"

"Guess they hit it off after the concert." Fletch sighed.

Maxie just nodded thinking of his night with Ian after the concert.

"Yeah, been together ever since." Fletch just grinned as if Ian had known Alfie forever instead of a short while.

"Really?" Maybe something actually was going on between them. Ian. Maxie wasn't sure he could endure it. He had a good mind to see him.


e.l. said...

It looks like trouble for Maxie. He's his own worst enemy.

dapper kid said...

He really does need to take some time to himself and just make sure he's alright with it. Ian has moved on, admittedly rather quickly, and Maxie needs to make sure he does too.

past the point of love said...

Maxie's gotta let it go.

sid and violet said...

I adore Maxie. I just hope he knows what he's doing.

Cait said...

jealousy, can be a very bitter thing.

Anonymous said...

i hope maxxie is sure about everything

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-lets hope he can get things sorted out in his own mind about the situation.