Wednesday, June 17, 2009

own good time

There was something splendid in knowing when someone was truly grateful to you. That's how it felt with Katy. Jamie couldn't quite find that with Zoe nor Jeremy.

Oh, he knew Jeremy was a bit annoyed with him, yet he was still letting him work at the library. And he was giving him his space which was good. It just wasn't time, he supposed. Not yet. Maybe some day, but he had a nephew to get to know and really family was important to him.

"See how much happier he is here than he ever was there." Jamie reminded Katy who found them downstairs in the sitting room.

"Yes, he's lovely." And Tristan was. He was eager to eat, to play. Actually, quite normal. It was if he had a second chance.

"I really think he's a good bit like my mother," Jamie told Katy. "She liked to have these very quiet bouts. You would have thought she was in a trance or something. But I don't think she was."

"What happened to her?" Katy wanted to know.

"She killed herself." Jamie said rather factual. "Jumped off a bridge. Said to have plunged to her death. Her body was never found."

"Tragic." Katy glared at Jamie.

"I guess." Jamie thought of it an escape. She just needed to move on to a newer life, he assumed. Really, he didn't think much about it.

"So have you told Colin about Tristan?" Katy wanted to know.

"No, I thought you might should do it," Jamie said.

"Please don't make me." Katy frowned.

"I shan't." Jamie winced. Colin would know in his own good time.


ellie said...

Very tough I'm sure when it comes to this sort of thing. But I'm glad Jamie isn't 'making' her tell him.

Anonymous said...

i will definitely keep writing summer. And this looks interesting.

blue hearts said...

Oh, jamie...just what kind of warlock is he?