Tuesday, June 30, 2009

of course he knew

Katy couldn't face Colin. She just couldn't, yet she could confide in Jamie.

"Do you think he'll tell Kelsy the truth?" She couldn't help but be upset about it. She wasn't sure why it made her so sick. Sick of herself. Sick of the past even if Tristan was right in front of her.

"What do you want to happen?" Jamie remained even lipped as they were in his room. It seemed as if the sunlight had suddenly found it and everything was much brighter. There were new sheets on the bed. Possibly it was even knew. It seemed bigger and the dark pin strips some how made the place even more manly.

"I dunno."

"Just put it out of your mind. Its not your worry now, all right." He stared at her intently then. "Its Colin's worry and who knows, I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal to Kelsy. She knew what she was getting in to when she fell in to the likes of him."

Katy took a breath then. She felt better somehow. It was instant. Perhaps. Just being here with Jamie in his room.

"So how are things with you?" Katy thought she should ask.

"You need'n bother." Jamie assured her.

"But you look so sad, like maybe you have so much on your mind, some of the time." She told him.

"Its nothing." He shrugged. She stared at him as if it wasn't the truth. "Really." He squinted.

"Sash said you had a nightmare." Katy nodded as she watched Jamie, hold Tristan.

"So now you are the best of friends, I take it." He rubbed the top of Tristan's blond head.

"We have so much to talk about. Things are different now. I can talk to her about, you know pregnancy stuff."

"But you were pregnant before." Jamie smiled.

"Its just different this time. Then I didn't want anyone to know, now I seem to want to share it with everyone." She told him.

"And you should." He nodded. "Any wedding bells in the works?"

Katy shrugged. "My brother would want to come."

"So its family stopping you from having a family, is that what you're saying?" Jamie played patty-cake with Tristan then.

"I really haven't brought it up. Neither has Maxie," Katy said.

"Why don't you do it right now." Jamie held on to Tristan. "Go on, I know you want too." He gave her a little smile that made her laugh on the inside. She just nodded and did as he said.


Cait said...

Jamie must be working some more magic on Maxie and Katy..hehehehee..

sid and violet said...

I think I love Jamie!

e.l. said...

I think Jamie is OK. Not sure how he's dealing with Zoe though.

past the point said...

Jamie certain knows how to take care of things.

Sharon Rose said...

Sounds like Jamies a good influence on the situation.