Monday, June 1, 2009

now that its over

Maxie stepped out with Ian. They shared a cigarette outside.

"You have to go," Maxie told Ian.

"Right now?" Ian shrugged. It wasn't that uncomfortable.

"No, I mean out of the Oaks. I can't bare it. You have to go," Maxie sighed.

Ian took a drag off the cigarette and handed it back to him.

"I want her to be OK, and, and if you aren't around, it'll be easier for us. You have to see that." Maxie kept hugging myself. "This is where I belong. I can't let her down. No matter what happens. I have to be with Katy." Maxie nodded.

"All right." Ian looked bitter at Maxie.

Maxie didn't even feel like having a cigarette. There were so many things he was going to change in his life. The first was to no longer be around Ian. He had to change. He must. But he took a drag of the cigarette finally. It was more of a peace offering than anything.

"You're letting Rhys and Sasha move in, aren't you?" Ian sighed.

"Yes." Maxie nodded, knowing Ian wouldn't want to be around them, either.

"I'm losing everyone," Ian then said. "I have no one now." He squinted as he took the cigarette, keeping it to himself this time.

Maxie sucked in a breath. He didn't mean to hurt him so much. But he had to let him go. He had too.


e.l. said...

oh, Ian. I hope he finds someone special

sid and violet said...

so bitter sweet...and sad.

Cait said...

I feel for Maxie..but I feel sad for Ian too since Sasha well, you know..its all her fault.

boubou said...

bonsoir ! first time or seconde time i come across your blog,well im gonna visit it better now lol :)
well if you be inspired by my collages or justdream come and visit my blog :)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Victoria-H said...

HAha I know, right. That just doesn't really make sense. But it sure is fun, sneak-listening ;P hihi