Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the move

Cecil got Fletch and some of his other friends to get Frannie's stuff loaded up in a truck and taken to his place in no time. Frannie didn't have to lift a finger. She was at work as it was.

Meanwhile, Ian packed what little he had in a back pack and was off to the Black Cat. Which left Rhys to bring in most of Sasha's things. He didn't have much but his tooth-brush, a pair of jeans, some undies and a few shirts. He prided himself in traveling light. Sasha on the other hand tended to keep things. Pictures from when she was a girl, a teddybear that was her brother's. Clothes from the thrift-store she planned on customizing but never did.

"Luv, are you sure we aren't bringing the trash with us?" He pondered after a time. She had one of the closets already brimming full.

Of course, it was Simon and Josh who were unloading most of the boxes for her. Not Rhys. Simon had to keep Josh from doing too much.

"Remember your back, babe." So Simon helped with most of it.

"I promise to bake you a pie first chance I get." She gave him a kiss on the cheek which Rhys thought was too much.

"Simon does not need sweets." Rhys told her about to get in a spat with her when Ian came down the hall near the kitchen.

Ian acted like a stranger now. Sasha looked away. She swore a cold chill went through her as if a ghost had landed on top of her heart and decided to sit for some time. She thought she might choke. She was sure she deserved as much. What could she do for him now?


ellie said...

I'm glad Sasha wishes she could do something for Ian. Awkward situation.

cait said...

What is on Sasha's mind? Strangers now.

dapper kid said...

Hmm, I do wonder what is going to happen between Sasha and Ian now. Rhys seems way too overprotective, I always think of him as one of those blinded alpha males lol.

jonah and leon said...

Thats quite a transition.