Sunday, June 7, 2009

it would be nice

Kady thought Maxie was being more attentive than usual. But bringing up Ian was a touchy subject. She could tell.

"Its all my fault, isn't it?" Kady was sure of it.

"No, its not." Maxie assured her. "He needed to get out of here. You know, how he feels about Sasha. She broke his heart."

"Are you sure that's it?" Kady sighed trying to get used to Sasha and Rhys being here. It was different now. She missed Frannie and Nico too. "You know, we should really get everyone together, Frannie and Cecil too, for a BBQ, don't you think?" That sounded like a wonderful idea.

"I dunno." Maxie sighed as if that would be an undertaking.

"You could invite Simon and Josh and what about Newt and Billy too. I haven't had a chance to see Liam yet. He's growing leaps and bounds. I'm afraid the ones I got him, he'll have out grown before he even gets them." She told Maxie.

"All right." Maxie gave in. "We'll have a cook out- out on the back lawn."

"Good." Kady smiled. "And be sure to mention it to Ian too, I'd hate to leave him out. He'll have Fletch and Lauren with him. It won't be that awful, will it?"

"Of course not." Maxie gritted and went back to tending to the boarding house as if it was his only duty besides her.


ellie said...

I hope things go very smoothly for them from now on.

sid and violet said...

Wonder if Kady will figure out Maxie's secret?

Cait said...

I'm glad Kady wants to have a BBQ.