Tuesday, June 9, 2009

if only

Fletch was a little shocked to find Ian bring company with him when they got ready for practice down in the basement. He didn't mind.

"Do you play?" Fletch wondered.

"Just a fan, really." Alfie shook his hand. He was a looker. There was an awesome rocker image about him. "I've no intentions, but I've played a bit."

Fletch nodded trying not to make too much out of it. Lauren might not like it if Fletch asked him to play. She seemed dead set on getting the songs together for the fair coming up.

"We should play our own stuff," she said immediately.

"Sounds good to me." Ian shrugged. He practiced his bold riffs on his electric guitar. He seemed better than ever.

Fletch looked at Alfie wondering if he could be the cause of it. He kept quiet, following Ian's lead. He knew it was best to be as cooperative as he could be. Sometimes, he felt he had to be the bridge between Ian and Lauren. A part of him really would like to see a fourth join the band.

What if it could be Alfie? Maybe Alfie wasn't quite telling them everything. He supposed, he'd have to let Lauren warm up to the idea. He wouldn't dare tell her, but she was pretty much set in her ways.

Fletch grinned. This might be their summer. If only they had some really good material that the audience would love.


sid and violet said...

Hopefully, Alfie won't be steal'n anyones thunder.

ellie said...

I do so want to see more of Alfie..heheheheee..

blue hearts said...

I don't think Alfie would tell them what to do.

Anonymous said...

I like Alfie.