Friday, June 19, 2009

energies about

Jamie felt very good about this with Katy. He was glad she was home with Tristan. It truly felt like a genuine blessing to him. And really, he was sure in time that Colin would figure it out, but as it was, he had Kelsy to take care of.

Of course, his energies of late focused on Sasha more than anyone. Perhaps it was the fact she'd chosen the dark arts to get into, and he was concerned she might get in over her head with Rhys. What if she made him into a zombie of some sort with all these spells she was circulating? But he really didn't know how to explain it to her without stepping on her toes. Using a craft such as that too selfishly could only backfire on one.

He certainly knew a thing or two about it. After all, it had landed him in the slammer. God and Goddess knew, he didn't want to go down that road again.

As it was, he had turbulent dreams about her. It was all so reoccurring that he feared it might happen. They would take off to Spain together. Why Spain? It still baffled him. And now, it wasn't just taking off with Sasha that pulled him awake in the middle of the night. Katy was there to. He had both of them in his escape. This choked his breath even more. Really, he had no intentions of any such thing happening. And yet, it felt settled inside him more and more that it was the only thing to do.

And then there was a knock on his door.

He jumped up quick from his sleep. He was still in his work clothes from the library. He jerked the door open. There was Kelsy. The last person he ever thought he'd find at his threshold.

"What do you want?" He winced.

"Well," she looked as if she couldn't explain. "May I come in?"

"I suppose." He let her in and closed the door behind him since she seemed quite hush hush.

"A little bird told me that you might could help me." She kept her voice low.

"A little bird? What are you going on about?" He squinted hard.

"My Aunt." She shrugged. "She senses that you might be the one?"

"Be the one?" He glared at her then. "Have I won the lottery?"

"She knows you have ways much more powerful than any kitchen witch she's ever met." Kelsy told him.

"How in the bloody hell would she know such?" He winced again. What had he done to draw attention to himself? He looked at Axel then. This was his fault, but he couldn't blame him.

"Lets not put a label on it. Don't call me warlock, please." That was just plain silly to him. "What is it that you need? You're not being unfaithful to my brother so what could you possibly -?"

It came to him then. It was the baby. It was about the baby. How could he have not known.

"I've seen a doctor. I've had sonograms and they keep telling me I'm with one child, but I think they're wrong."

He showed her to his bed then. She would need to lay down and concentrate.

"I see."

There was of course a very good vibe of her child. It was healthy. It was a boy. These things he could sense. But he wasn't sure if he could detect anything else.

"Just lay back, get comfortable." He sighed, sitting down at his desk. Axel got on the desk, sitting on Jamie's right side as if he could help. Jamie just didn't know if they could be in tune with anything more than the baby in the womb. They did a few breathing exercises. They both closed their eyes and tried to focus on a secret. Something that hid in another womb behind the baby. Jamie counted backwards from ten very slowly.

Suddenly, like a driving force in his brain, his eyes fluttered behind his lids. It was a bit of a seizure, but he could sense it. He knew it was there. He grinned like a lunatic, he presumed. It was a sigh of relief, actually. He really had focused and was full of gratitude that he knew it was there. And it was well, its heart beat at the very same slow rate as the other. It was if the older one was already protecting it.

Finally his eyes opened, and he sucked in a breath as if he'd almost lost all air.

"Its a girl." He told her. "You were right."

"I can feel it." She knew too. "I'm not a nutter."

Jamie was a bit shaky, but he laughed. "No, you're not a nutter."

He wanted to say something about his nephew to her, but he didn't. It could wait. Really, this was all she'd came for.


cait said...

OK..I'm hooked on Jamie now. Honest.

e.l. said...

This is good about jamie. he's came through for Katy now Kelsy. I liked it.

elliestories said...

That was cool. I do like Jamie.

Make Do Style said...

Ah great idea a blog soap! I did one in 2000 and it was all before things took off. I need to find some time to read this from the beginning!!