Saturday, June 27, 2009

the day came

"Tell me again, how this all came about?" Maxie still didn't see how they just let Katy have Tristan.

"I can't quite say for sure," Katy said. "I'm sure Jamie had something to do with it."

"Jamie?" Maxie wondered about him. He was quite mysterious and there was so much that couldn't be explained about him.

"Can we not dwell on it and just enjoy that I have him here." Katy winced, and Maxie would avoid getting Katy in a bad mood at any cost.

"Of course." Maxie nodded. Tristan seemed to be better than ever and he'd taken a liking to Maxie so he couldn't be upset about that. "He's delightful and I hope you are feeling all right."

"Of course, I am." Katy told him. "Never felt better."

They were in Tristan's room. Of course, Katy hadn't let him out of her sight. He'd been sleeping in their room with them. He wasn't sure she would let him have a room of his own, but there would come a day, and Maxie hoped soon that Tristan would have his own room.

Just then the door bell rang. Maxie went to answer it. It was Colin on their doorstep.

"Colin," Maxie said hopefully loud enough for Katy to hear. "What could you ever want here?"

"I need to see Katy." Colin told him. "Now."

"I see." Maxie knew it was no good to keep him on the doorstep. "Well, come in, why don't you? I'll find some lemonade for you."

He came back to the livingroom to find no Katy yet.

"Just a moment." He gave Colin the iced drink went up the stairs and found Katy with Tristan.

"What are you doing?" Maxie thought it was best to get this over with. "You have to let him see Tristan. He's on to you."

"No." Katy swelled a frown. "I can't."

"Look, you can't hide Tristan forever," Maxie told her. "He'll resent you for it. He will."

"I can't bare it." She wailed.

"Then let me. He won't take Tristan off. You can't deny him completely what's his, you know."

Katy bit her upper lip.

Maxie picked up Tristan who didn't let out a sign of anger. He took him downstairs to see to Colin who stood there staring at the child as if it couldn't be true. Couldn't be.

He let out a sigh then. "He's really mine?"

"He hasn't been well, you know." Maxie told him. "But he's better now." He handed over Tristan for Colin to hold who took him quite clumsily.

"I just can't believe he's mine," Colin smiled as Tristan played with his lips and touched his face. "I just can't believe it."

Maxie couldn't help but smile too. He was happy for Colin. He really was even if he had to be on Katy's side.


Cait said...

I'm glad Maxie was good about this for Colin.

ellie said...

I'm glad Maxie got Tristan so he could meet Colin.

Winnie said...

I'm glad Maxie got Tristan. It's sweet that Colin was pleased about it!

taffy. said...

(i'm sorry, it's my fault i don't know)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a nice post, its great for father and son to meet for the first time.