Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cat's eye

Jamie could hardly stand himself as of late. What had happened to him? This thing with Zoe and Jeremy had played out rather fun and fullfilling in the beginning. Now it felt so false. Not a thing true about it at all. He felt somehow shackled to it. As if he was expected to be there for every little trist.

Well, he'd had enough, and it was the day the white cat with the tiger stripes found him, and Jamie took him home with him. Its ears beaten up, a temper still mistakenly harsh, but suddenly, Jamie felt the cat was the only one who needed him.

He talked quite a bit to the cat. Now Axel was rather fond of Jamie who brought him scraps and gave him tummy rubs in the evening. Really, it was quite soothing. And sometimes he'd read to the cat old O'Henry stories. The cat would pur and for a while they were in their own little world. He'd avoid calls from Jeremy, especially those from Zoe. He'd have none of it. Jamie had made a new life for himself with Axel the cat in his room at the Oaks.

And then he smelled a candle burning.

Jamie went out in the hall to see if he could follow the smell of wax. It took him upstairs where he found Sasha alone.

"What are you doing?" He hoped she wasn't planning on burning the house down. Of course, he had Axel in his arms.

"It was nothing." She quickly hid whatever she was doing in her wardrobe. She looked at the cat then and squinted. "What are you doing with my cat?"

"Your cat? No it isn't. He's my cat."

"No, no, I very much remember him as a wee little thing. His name is Justin." She crossed her arms.

"Justin? What kind of name is that for a cat?" Jamie winced.

"Well, he was the Libertine for a while when Rhys took him in."

"The Libertine?" Jamie rolled his eyes at that too. "Well, he's Axel now." He was lean and possibly mean when he had to be. Jamie knew if he could be a cat he'd be exactly like Axel.

"Axel?" She winced in disgust.

"What were you doing?" Jamie stared at Sasha.

"You wouldn't understand." She crossed her arms.

"Why wouldn't I?" He gave her a solemn look.

"You just wouldn't." She looked him over. "You would think I'm crazy and I probably am. Thats what pregnancy can do to you." She put her hands on her hips.

"Did I say you were crazy?" He came closer with the cat just to see if Axel might remember her. His paws stretched out toward Sasha, but he didn't try to claw her. Jamie smiled as Axel was happy when Sasha scratched his head.

She told Axel that she missed him, and it was all Rhys fault that he'd went away.

"Rhys?" Jamie mentioned. "But didn't you marry him? You don't sound happy with him?"

"He's fine."

"There's a hint of sarcasm there," Jamie eyed her then. "What did he do?"

"What hasn't he done?"

"That bad, aye?" Jamie remained even lipped.

"Its nothing I can't handle." She looked him straight in the eye.

"Then why don't you show me how you're handling it?" Jamie eyed the wardrobe then.


"You're of Wicca, aren't you?" He knew of the strange odors. It vaguely reminded him of his childhood. It made him think of his mother.

"I wouldn't say I'm full fledged, you know," Sasha said, hugging herself. "I don't even belong to a coven."

"You don't have too," Jamie told her.

Sasha slightly nodded.

"Look, if you need help with anything-"

"Why would I?" She winced. She wanted him to go. Leave her alone. Jamie understood. It was her secret. He should leave well enough alone.

"But if you need me, you know I'm not that far away," Jamie said as he left. She closed the door on him, leaving him with Axel in the hallway.

Jamie smiled to himself then. It was as if something hidden away emerged inside him. He had a feeling they could be very good friends even if he did have to conjur himself into Sasha's thoughts.


e.l. said... the cats. Interesting about Jamie.

dapper kid said...

It's weird how some people can't seem to relate to others, but with animals they seem to find that connection. I have always wanted a pet cat :)

Cait said...

Oh, I love the cats. I would. Axel sounds like the perfect name for a cat for Jamie. Gotta wonder what he's gonna do, though.

sid and violet said...

Jamie and Axel. I wonder what he's gonna to do with Sasha.