Tuesday, June 2, 2009

back at the Black Cat

Ian knew when he wasn't wanted so he left the hospital as soon as Maxie went back in to check on Katy. He had himself a very long walk to The Black Cat. He wasn't sure if he'd ever go back to the Oaks until he absolutely had too.

"Could I sleep on the couch in the backroom?" He found Colin working the bar. He grabbed an apron so he could help.

"Don't see why not? What happened? You look like shit, mate." Colin told him.

"I can't live there anymore," Ian said. "You know about Sasha and Rhys moving in there, right?"

"Yeah, about that, you want her old place?"

"Uh." Ian didn't know how to react. Of course, he needed a place, but Sasha's? "I guess."

"Good, so I can count on you with a couple of more shifts?"

"I got nothing else better to do, except being with the band occasionally," Ian said as he went to wash mugs. He felt so sad, still. He guess he had to be thankful that Colin was looking out for him.


ellie said...

Glad Colin helped Ian. That would be freaky though to live in your ex's place.

blue hearts said...

Ian really needs a flat of his own.

sid and violet said...

What is Ian going to do with himself?

Victoria-H said...

hihi ;D