Thursday, May 7, 2009

stop in the name of friendship

Lauren was showing Anita around her new place. Of course, there wasn't that much to show. Fletch was off with Ian at Cecil's talking music.

"So what do you think?"

"Not bad." Anita's fingers played about the yellow quilt on Lauren's bed. "Its cute. Sweet even. Unlike you." She grinned.

"Well, thanks, I guess." Lauren's hands rested on her hips as she watched Anita look about. "Its just a start, actually. Anyway, Fletch and I don't need much."

"I suppose."

"So how are you and that bloke I saw you with?"

"Bloke?" Anita looked at Lauren as if she'd forgotten. "Oh him. Nothing, really." She scowled a bit.

"Really?" Lauren thought it had been something. "So how's old Theresa. She a mother yet?"

Anita smiled. "No." She laughed. "Theresa would never let that happen."

"Oh, really?" Lauren shook her head. "She's in one fix after another, now isn't she?"

"She isn't that bad." Finally Anita plopped herself on the bed. "So how is it sleeping with Fletch?"

"Fletch?" Now that was a laugh. "No different than sleeping with you, mate? What do you think?"

"I dunno. Something could happen?"

"But its not." Lauren smiled.

"Best take some precautions just in case, don't you think?" Anita looked at her.

"Just what are you getting at?"

"Birth control."

"Its my sister who'd pregnant, don't look at me." Lauren squinted.

"But what if you forget and you know, it happens." Anita looked at Lauren as if she better swear on a bible or something. "You did have that thing for Newt once." She reminded her that she'd seen them at school together, and they had been cozy.

"I'm only trying to help out a mate, you know. He's very much into his boyfriend, or have you forgot? And he's pretty busy with his baby with Amy." Lauren glared at her then.

"I'm just saying, be careful. You will be careful, won't you?" She hopped off the bed then and touched Lauren's shoulders. It was the last thing Lauren expected, especially when Anita moved in for a kiss.

Lauren bolted.

"What are you doing!" Lauren pushed her away.

"I just thought-" Anita caught her breath.

"Don't." Lauren looked at her sternly. "You're my friend. You're not my girlfriend!" She squinted hard. "Laleh was my girlfriend! I loved Laleh." Lauren spilled it before she had a chance to keep it in. There was Laleh who had left her. Lauren thought she might crumbled. But she ordered Anita to leave. She just couldn't be around her, right now.


ellie said...

Anita & Lauren..I hadn't thought of them together.

cait said...

Its good they are friends...I think that's important.