Friday, May 22, 2009

so cold

Ian felt cold when he awoke. Maxie was no where. It didn't seem possible. Maxie was suppose to be here. How could he leave him?

He'd been so happy and now he was so full of sadness. How could that be?

Had he just been high from the crowd and playing the concert? He now asked himself as he pondered what had happened with Maxie. No, he didn't think so. It couldn't be. It was true. These feelings they had for each other. How could they falter now?

Ian crumbled in tears as he breathed in Maxie's scent left on the pillow next to him.

How could Maxie have left without saying goodbye. Something? It taunted his thoughts now that he needed to know if this was just a lie or what with Maxie. He had to see him again. He wanted to be alone with him long enough to sort this out. They needed to talk. Just talk. Only there was more it than that. He needed Maxie. He did and he couldn't rid himself of that pain.


e.l. said...

Aw..Ian is such a wreck. It just goes from bad to worse with him.

sid and violet said...

the highs and lows of a one off..I guess.

Cait said...

That must be bitter sweet to say the least. Lets hope he keeps it together.

tc fan fic said...

lets hope he'll move on.

maxxie and tony said...

He's in worse shape now than before. Poor guy.