Friday, May 1, 2009

on the horizon

Frannie found herself at Cecil's, again. She thought perhaps she spent more time there than at the boarding house, lately. Cecil really was a great help with Nico, and even if she was tired and on her feet most of the day..she always enjoyed cooking for him.

"I suppose you heard," Cecil mentioned at dinner. "About Sasha."

"Sasha?" Frannie looked at him puzzled. Was it the baby? She hoped the baby was OK. She was certain now that she was carrying Gaspard's child.

"She said yes to Rhys. They took the plunge, evidently. Don't even think they got rings, but they're hitched." Cecil smirked.

"Tossers." Frannie couldn't take another bite of her alfredo. "What has gotten in to her?"

"Tell me about it, she's lost the plot. Completely." Cecil shook his head.

"You think he forced her into it?" Frannie winced.

"You couldn't force Sash into anything if you tried." Cecil just smiled and went back to chewing on a carrot.

"I should talk to her," Frannie nodded.

"Whats the point? What's done is done. We both know it won't last." Cecil's hand came down and touched Frannie's then. He took her hand then and kissed her wrist.

Frannie couldn't help but smile. She knew he wanted her to stay again, but she did have a room and she was paying for it, back in the boarding house. Really, she needed to use it.

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ellie said...

I hope Frannie will stick with Cecil.