Thursday, May 21, 2009

nothing more

It was daylight when Maxie awoke next to Ian at the hostel. He could hardly move. His head ached. But as he rose up on his elbows, he noticed his cell. Katy had called. She'd left a couple of messages. Not too many.

It hit a nerve. Shit.

He shook himself awake and scrambled to get dressed. Yet he stumbled into his shoes looking back at Ian, thinking this was a mistake. A big mistake. How could he?

He could hardly see straight as he blinked. He felt so woozy now as he got to the bathroom just in time to throw up in the toilet. Maxie felt so weak now. But he had to be at his weakest to be with Ian, didn't he?

A bitter scowl came to Maxie's face. There was nothing to say to Ian. Nothing. He had to hurry home and forget this ever happened. Forget he'd ever been with Ian. Only his body just couldn't move fast enough. He left before Ian could even stir.

Thankfully, he found a bus soon enough to take him back to Hollyoaks, and he checked his watch to see it was only a little after seven in the morning.

Katy already had coffee on and Maxie went to pour him a cup, hoping to be as natural as possible. But there Katy was reading the morning paper at the kitchen table.

"What happened?" She gave him a stern look.

"I'm sorry. It was nothing." He choked as he breathed in the coffee hoping he'd be back to normal soon. He so needed to be normal for Katy. "I should have called. I meant too. I think the battery is dead."


"So were you at the Black Cat?" She glared at him intently.

Maxie shook his head, no. "Just a party. Someone Ian knew." He shrugged hoping that was a good enough story for her. No, it was a flat out lie. He'd never lied to Katy before. Could she tell?

He poured milk in his coffee. It just couldn't be milky enough for him. Then he thought of Ian's skin. So startling.

"Is something wrong?" She winced.

"No, I don't think so," He thought he'd be sick. "Perhaps I'm coming down with something." He jerked himself and went to the bathroom hoping to hurl. But instead he locked the door behind him and sat himself in the floor with the lights out and began to sob.


Anonymous said...

aw i feel bad:(

another ellie said...

Its getting suspenseful, too.

sid and violet said...

That was truly poignant. Oh, Maxie..woo, those emotions. He's so torn.

ellie said...

This was so sad and well, I'm not sure how I feel about Maxie, now.