Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it could be love

Seriously, Fletch hadn't expected so much attention from Lauren. Breakfast in bed.

"Don't you think we'll get crumbs everywhere?" She was rather a stickler when it came to that bed. Her bed which he shared. But really he considered it her bed.

"I'll do laundry later." She nodded as they had a picnic of sorts on the duvet with tea along with toast and jam.

She kissed him on the cheek. It was nice. Sweet, actually. And it was impossible not to grin like an impish fool. So it had taken, evidently. The intimacy. The affection. Maybe she was expecting more. It was hard for him to measure. As it was he was handling his cup of tea very carefully.

"Don't suppose we're in a rush for another practice today, you think?" He guessed talking about the band wasn't exactly on her mind.

Lauren shook her head, no, watching him.

Fletch worried then that she might notice something between his teeth. He sipped his tea, not sure what to say. He put his tea on the night stand then. The next thing he knew her lips were on his, and it was delightful. Nothing trying at all about it.

Her kiss made him think of last night or was that in the early morning hours, when they were together. He thought of those moments with her as they kissed, and it felt as if they melted into each other.

And to think he thought today would be so difficult. Really, it was delicious and he couldn't complain.


sid and violet said...

I'm so glad that turned out so sweet.

Cait said...

I think they'll make a sweet couple.