Wednesday, May 20, 2009

in the dark

Katy awoke with a startle. She felt for Maxie in bed, thinking he'd be there already, but he wasn't. She knew the concert would run late, but she'd already heard Lauren and Fletch come home.

She supposed Maxie was out with Ian and they were having plenty of drinks. She just hoped he'd get home safe. Perhaps they were the best of friends, but still, she saw it was going on three in the morning. Where was he?

Katy decided she wouldn't give him the third degree. She trusted him. Didn't she?

She wanted to. She wanted time to speed up. She wanted him here. She wanted her baby to be born. She wanted everything to be normal.

Katy, sighed then. She wanted to much. She would drive herself crazy just thinking about it. As she laid there in bed, she wondered if she'd driven Maxie away. What if he were gone for good? What if Ian told him things to turn him against her?

She hated this paranoia.

Suddenly, she found herself frightened. She got up then to give Maxie a ring on her cell. Of course, all she got was his voice to leave a message. Katy grimaced then. Where was he? Was he ever coming home.

She crawled back in bed and hugged his pillow. It smelled faintly of his aftershave and cookies. The tears came and she hadn't meant to be so emotional. Really, she despised being alone.

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cait said...

I feel bad for Katy