Monday, May 18, 2009

how it is

Ian was happy that Maxie had made it to the concert. Actually, he figured he wouldn't. He was sure Katy would have kept him home. It wasn't that he hated Katy, but suddenly, he knew what he wanted. And it was Maxie.

He wondered how it had became that. Was he just tricking himself or was this the genuine deal?

Ian pretty much thought it was genuine. What he felt anyway for Maxie. And he knew he wasn't alone in this. Maxie felt something too. It wasn't something you could find in a drink or a bottle of pills. It was just the need to be wanted. And he knew he wanted Maxie. He loved being close to him. Hearing his voice. The nearness of his flesh. It made him so warm inside.

It helped him through the event. Knowing someone was there who truly wanted to see him. Of course, it was nice to have fans cheering him through the evening. Of course, he imagined those were Lauren's fans. Not his fans.

Ian felt himself truly happy then. And he couldn't wait to see Maxie at the end. He could only hope Maxie wanted to spend the night with him.


cait said...

Maxie is a good friend.

sid and violet said...

Ian is so many compared to Maxie..though..but I think he's sweet.

Anonymous said...

maxie is so great:)