Monday, May 25, 2009

here comes the sun

Ian got his stuff together and headed for the bus stop. He felt so somber and tired. He felt he hadn't a friend in the world now as he got on the lonely bus to head home. His head was thick with misery, and he had to think what he might say the moment he saw Maxie. Nothing. This was nothing to him? Is that how it would be?

He sat in the back of the bus, rocking sluggishly as the bus speeded along toward the village. It came to halt to the next bus stop and another straggler made his way up the steps inside the bus.

Ian noticed the sunny smile coming toward him. Not a care in the world, he supposed. And then the bloke looked at Ian and his smile brightened even more.

"Its you, is it?" he then sat right down next to Ian who really wasn't in the mood for conversations There were plenty empty seats and this bloke just slides himself in as if they had an appointment of some kind.

Ian didn't know how to answer him. Ian winced a bit as if he must be mistaken.

"I saw you at the Black Cat last night," he told him. "You were great. Your band is bloody brilliant, you know."

"Um, thanks." Ian tried to smile, but he wasn't one to gloat.

"Not cheeky in the least, and here you are on this side of town. Smashing." He bit a grin.

Ian wasn't sure just how to take this wee bit of found glory.

"Do you live around here?"

"Yeah." Ian guessed he could say as much.

"Me, too." He kept smiling at Ian as if he'd come to some sort of agreement of some kind.

Just then the bus came to Ian's stop.

"I'm Alfie." He looked at Ian brightly as if he was taking him all in. Ian wasn't sure what that meant.

"Ian." They shook hands quickly as Ian had to go.

"See ya, around, aye?" Alfie gave him a little salute as Ian walked on.

"Sure." But he had his doubts. Ian didn't need a lunatic fan around.


anthony luvs johanna said...

Alfie. I like that name. This might be good.

sid and violet said...

oh..purple..nice. hmm..alfie. sweet.

e.l. said...

maybe there is hope for Ian.