Friday, May 8, 2009

going through changes

Fletch was finishing off the Volt from Cecil's private stash of soda drinks in his fridge. He was ready to doze off. Would they ever get the schedule done?

"I'm pretty much counting on this gig at the Black Cat to kick start us, you know." Cecil looked at Ian then Fletch.

"Of course." Ian barely smiled as his eyes lit.

"Mate, you know, you can count on us." Fletch squinted then. "It'll be brilliant."

"How many times have I heard that before, Fletch?" Cecil scowled.

"It'll be different this time." Fletch sighed. He really felt it would be all his fault if they flopped.

"You don't have that energy that Kelsy could give, you know." Cecil told them.

"Come on, Lauren's great."

"But she's a kid. That's a lot to have to depend on, isn't it?" Cecil was still down on Lauren being the lead singer.

"She's fantastic. She's a rock-star." Fletch told him.

"A rock-star?" Cecil rolled his eyes at that.

"What if we do some rock classics, mate. You know, from the Who and Queen?" Ian finally thought of something to smooth over Cecil's angst ideas of what the band could be.

"What ever will get you through, all right?" Cecil finally told them to go and to practice as much as possible.

So they were off back to the boarding house then.

"Why is it, he can't trust me?" Fletch wanted to know on their walk back. "It wasn't really me who, who made everything fall apart, you know. Kelsy was just a no show and and well, so what if, I didn't know what to do with myself. Fuck it."

"Yeah, fuck it." Ian cracked into laughter then. "That's behind us, mate."

"So are you all right, mate?" Fletch then asked.

"Yeah," Ian nodded. "I suppose."

"You really over Sash?"

"Yeah, why not." Ian looked at him then.

"You've moved on?" Fletch studied Ian's face then.

"Yeah, I've move on." Ian looked away then as if he might give away too much.

Fletch wondered what was really going on with his band mate.


ellie said...

Maybe Fletch will figure out ..just who Ian is with now.

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