Sunday, May 10, 2009

getting a grip

Lauren was trying to get in a bit of practice in their room on Fletch's old guitar, but she kept thinking of Anita. How come? She didn't know how Anita felt about her? She felt a bit angst about it. Really, she didn't see it coming. But as she sat there on her bed, she had to wonder if she even saw it coming with Laleh?

She pushed her fingers on the strings of the guitar, but soon she was thinking of Laleh, again. She'd always been the touchy feel kind. Only she did the touching. She did what she wanted and to hell with you. That's what it was.

Lauren sighed and tried to focus on a song. She didn't miss Laleh. Exactly. She felt bad that she didn't miss her more, but to find out Laleh was OK now. And that she'd just walked away and forgot about Lauren like something she'd toss out to the wind as fast food while on a drive. It really stung Lauren now. How could she have been so stupid?

Just then Fletch came in. He'd brought home a couple sodas. He sat them down on the dresser.

"I stole them from Cecil. I doubt he misses them. Its for a good cause, you know." He flashed a grin then and sat down on the bed, watching her fingers grip the guitar a bit clumsy.

"What's this?" He was patient for a bit then showed her the chord she might want.

"Its nothing." She put the guitar down.

"Don't say that. Every little bit helps." His grin was a bit silly.

"Don't get cheeky with me," she blurted then.

"What? Where's that coming from, Lori?"

"Sorry." She winced then.

"We're good, right?" He took the guitar from her and played a bit of a melody that sounded quite sweet.

"Of course," Lauren nodded, getting up to get a soda.

"You can tell me, anything, you know." He picked at the notes.

"Anita tried to kiss me," she sipped at the drink.

"Obviously, it was not a turn on." He shrugged.

Just then Lauren spewed her soda up her nose. It burned.

"God, why did you do that!" Lauren choked a laugh.

"Sorry," Fletch got up then to get a bath towel for Lauren. "Couldn't resist, I guess. Maybe you just don't want to kiss anyone. At least not yet."

"What if never kiss another person, again?" She frowned as she wiped her face.

"You will, when you're good a ready." He shrugged.

She nodded then. He was right. She asked him to play that tune again, sweet yet sad. She needed to know how to play it.


ellie said...

I like Fletch.

cait said...

Fletch is a good friend.

em said...

fletch is so great:)

Lonnie Love said...

Oh, I hope Lauren will warm up to Fletch. I like that he calls her Lori.

em said...

haha thanks. it's kind of funny with trash because i have no plot line in mind just ideas. i write what comes to mind. I am trying to stick to something easy though because i want to make it a script