Friday, May 29, 2009

a bit uncomfortable

Maxie hadn't expected to see Ian. But there he was. In the kitchen. Fine. They would ignore each other. Possibly the best plan for both of them. What could he say now? It shouldn't happen. He wanted to take it back.

His face swelled with anger unsure he could have Ian going on living here. It wouldn't work. It couldn't.

Maxie went to wash dishes. The next thing he knew, Ian was trying to kiss him, perhaps. Maxie flinched, turning toward Ian to push him away.

"Get off! Leave it!" Maxie told him.

"What! I can't believe you!" Ian looked at him hurt coming closer but Maxie shoved him back.

"No! I don't want this!" He meant it too.

"How could you say that!" Ian winced.

Maxie gritted and shoved Ian hard. They got in a shoving match then, pushing at each other, forcefully and without pity.

"What are you doing!" Katy was screaming, but Maxie really hadn't noticed she'd walked in on their fight. Next thing he knew, he'd pushed Ian on top of Katy. Suddenly, there she was on the floor.

"Now look what you did!" Maxie squinted. He pushed Ian away. Told him to leave them alone. "Its finished all right!" Maxie looked at Katy. He pushed his fingers through his hair to think. Not sure what to do as he nursed his upper lip. He knew they needed to get to the emergency quick.


sid and violet said...

That can't be good.

elliestories said...

This is terrible. I hope Katy is ok.

Anonymous said...