Saturday, May 9, 2009

believing it

Maxie was doing his best to avoid Ian. At least he had Simon over to confide him. It was time for tea.

"Wow, that's very interesting about Colin's son." Simon sampled the strawberries Maxie got out along with their brews.

"Well, he doesn't even know he exist." Maxie shot him a look. "You wouldn't tell him, would you?"

"Of course, not." Simon pushed strawberries in his mouth then as if he wouldn't have to say another thing.

"It was a shock. And even more of a shock to know, I'm going to be Dad. Really, I can't imagine." Maxie couldn't help but smile even if he didn't want to.

"You should be thankful." Simon nodded. "You can't give up on Katy now." Simon made him feel as if he would or already had given up on her. As if she was the past and his future laid with someone else.

"I'm not." Maxie scowled.

"Then, there is nothing with Ian." Simon gave him a dead stared.

"No." Maxie wished he could believe it true. He just had to keep saying NO until he believed it.


ellie said...

Maxie's in a fix.

Cait said...

maxie, maxie, maxie..simon has to set him straight.

elliestories said...

Oh Maxie. You need more friends like Simon.

fan fic said...

Maxie is just confused. I feel for him.