Sunday, May 31, 2009

away we go

Katy rode between them in the cab. It was so quiet. She thought it was ridiculous, but Maxie seemed so certain she needed to go.

"You should at least be checked out. I don't want anything to happen," Maxie told her with his arm around her.

"I know." She looked over at Ian who looked as if he was holding his breath.

Finally, they got in through the emergency area and Maxie told the scene right away. He looked as if he was the worst thing he had ever done and acting as if someone should arrest him right then.

"It wasn't that bad." Katy assured a nurse who got her into a wheel chair. Next thing she knew she was in a hospital bed with so many things hooked up to her. The baby's heart beat echoed through the room as they started a sonogram.

"Looks to be healthy," the nurse informed them. Maxie and Ian both stood there watching the picture perfect moment of the little one squirming about. Maxie smiled. She was a few months along.

"Its perfect." Maxie nodded. He kissed Katy then as he pushed her bangs back. "Its just beautiful." He told her.

"Yeah," She thought she heard Ian say who kept staring at the baby on the monitor.

They wanted Katy to rest a bit then. Maxie told her he'd b here as long as it took. Really, she just wanted to go home. But it looked as if she'd be waiting this out here.


sid and violet said...

I'm so glad she's ok. I hope all will be well.

dapper kid said...

It's nice to see Maxie stepping up and making sure she's ok. Glad to see her and the baby well :)

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel better knowing she's okay. and that sounds like a cool book. maybe if you have the time could you give me the name of the book and author?