Friday, May 15, 2009

at the black cat

Lauren's nerves were getting to her. Could the three of them actually get a crowd going at the Black Cat? She'd watched all her moves in the mirror. She kept going over and over the words. It was almost giving her a headache.

"Relax," Fletch just smiled. He was cool as a cucumber. Evidently.

"How do you do it?" Was he smoking something? He seemed steady enough.

"You'll get used to it. You just do," he shrugged. His guitar was ready for the show. "When we had Kelsy in the band, sometimes, you didn't even know if she'd show up. Most times she was a bit tipsy, actually drunk, and you just went with it. But you're not Kelsy."

"Obviously." Lauren scowled.

"You've nothing to worry about. You're a power house. Kelsy could hardly make it through one set. She didn't have the stamina for it. She didn't care if she had the stamina for it. You just let the crowd give you energy." His advice the last thirty seconds before they went on.

And then it was time. Time to get the energy flowing. Ian started with the riffs and Fletch got the baseline on track. There was no turning back. Lauren had to pour her voice into it and by the second verse she had them wanting more of Rush's Tom Sawyer.

Then a Led Zeppelin tune was next which really got everyone going and then some tunes from The Who. Finally she finished up with a very sad version of Mad World. And the crowd wanted more so she did a version of Cry Baby and then Ian sang with her, Changes from Black Sabbath.

Lauren was shocked that Ian wanted to sing that song with her. She couldn't help but smile. Really, it had been a fantastic evening. And Fletch was right, she had to love the crowd if she wanted to make this work.


blue hearts said...

Sounds like a cool place to be.

Lonnie said...

Hey, finally...glad they got the show going.

Winnie said...

Sounds like a great soundtrack!

cait said...

covers are making a come back.

fan fic said...

Yeah, I'm glad this finally kept writing it would..and finally. Hope their is an on the road storyline soon.

what we needed said...

Great! I like it.

Anonymous said...

that sounds great:)

Leon said...

The beginning of summer fun!

Anonymous said...