Sunday, May 24, 2009

are you in love

It was a new day to Lauren. The sun was shining. There was the hint of summer just on the horizon, and she was happy, happy with the feeling that this might be the best summer yet.

She'd been with Fletch. More than just playing in the band. She'd been with him, totally. It was brilliant. The thought now came to mind. Thing had changed between them. Finally, she felt it exceptional. The emotion surged through her as she got out of bed, ready to sing a song, but she didn't. Fletch was still asleep.

She went to turn on the kettle for morning tea. Perhaps she'd tip-toe up to the kitchen for toast and jam. Really, she felt like treating Fletch like royalty at the moment. Well, at least some little celebration. After all, it had been fun and it felt a lot like love. Is that what it could be? Between them now?

Lauren wanted to call her sister and tell her the news, but what could she say about her sister's ex. "He really is good in bed!"

That did sound a little mundane and quite demeaning. What would she say? "I think I'm in love!"

Best to keep it to herself, she supposed. She knew Sasha was in the midst of her own troubles. She would have cared in the least if it were even true, and she might still despise Fletch. No, best to keep this simple, between her and Fletch. She so wanted it to be amazing, day in, day out.

The kettle sang then. She went to make tea. They could at least have it in bed.


Maxxie and Tony said...

This was sweet. It really felt like happiness.

Anonymous said...

The kettle sang, that was my favorite part:)I don't know why but that made me laugh.

e.l. said...

Its great to see Lauren happy..she's so whiney at times..well, on the show. She's different in your story..very strong willed..I think. But it was nice to see her this kind of happy.