Friday, April 24, 2009

This doesn’t have to end in tragedy

Maxie couldn't help but smile, and yet a part of him felt a bit sad too.

"Are you sure you're OK." Maxie wanted to know while being there with Ian in his bed. "Is this-"

"What? My way of getting back at Sasha?" Ian frowned.

"I guess."

"What does it matter to her how I feel now-"

"I don't want to come between you too. I don't." Maxie shook his head.

"What's there to come between." Ian sighed. "When she told me, do you know how used I felt?" He was ready to crumble.

"Sorry." Maxie winced.

"So we'll be there for each other, right?" Ian leaned back against the wall where he was sitting on the bed. Still dressed.

"Of course." Maxie nodded.

"Good." Ian took Maxie's hand then and drew him in his lap and he sat there with his back to him. Ian's legs were spread a part and he slid his fingers under Maxie's shirt, across his abs and they kissed more and Maxie closed his eyes noticing how Ian pushed his fingers forward down in his khakis.

Maxie felt his heart beat tighten. He wished he didn't want these things with Ian, but he did. It had came on so suddenly. Maxie didn't know how to think, but the kisses were deep, and it just left him hard and wanting see what could happen next. But would he risk it.

Suddenly, there was a tap on Ian's door. They broke away from the kiss and Maxie found himself in such pain.

"Hey, Ian, you in there?" It was a male voice.

Both of them sighed and straighten what they could. Maxie grabbed a controller to a gaming system that wasn't even hooked up.

"Who is it?" Ian fulled his shirt down and tried to act as calm as possible.

"Its Fletch. You think we could play some tunes now?"


"Meet you in thirty then."

"Sure thing."

Fletch went away then.

"Hook up this old Nintendo," Maxie then said. "We could always say we were playing video games."

"What, Mario?" Ian winced.

"Of course." Maxie smiled. They Frenched then. There was a plan now.

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ellie said...

oh..the suspense..ummmmm..what next?