Saturday, April 18, 2009


Frannie wasn't sure what to say when Sasha told her the news about how Ian reacted. A part of her was glad to hear it, yet she didn't want her to be completely alone.

"I know he means so much to you," Frannie admitted. "Perhaps, he'll get used to the idea and he can still be here for you."

They had met for tea at one of the shops. Frannie had Nico with her who was getting a bit restless.

"I suppose you need Cecil with you to keep up with him," Sasha didn't sound so happy about the prospects of Frannie seeing him.

"He has good watchful eye on him." Frannie just smile. "You don't hate me for finding a mate in him, do you?"

"Is that all he is?" Sasha sounded as if she didn't quite believe it.

"He's a good mate to have around."

"Yes, truly the best, but do you love him?" Sasha asked. "He needs some who can actually love him. That's what he's after, or haven't you noticed."

"He's not that way," Frannie winced back at the thought of him only wanting a lover.

"Then what is he, to you?"

"I told you." Frannie thought of her time with him. He'd been so kind. She knew something with him could grow and perhaps become a family, but she hadn't wanted to say anything to Sasha.

"I really hope Ian will see how much he misses you, and he'll be back." Frannie didn't want to see Sasha so moody.

"I wish I could believe you, but you just want one thing," Sasha looked at her. "Your brother's baby. That's all you really want from me."

"That's not so." Frannie couldn't help but to stir up such strong emotions about Gaspard. "I love you like a sister and I only want the best for you.

"Sorry." Sasha burst into tears too.

"Well, well, is this the crying game?" It was Rhys and naturally he was at his top form when he saw the two of them.

"Shut it, will you?" Sasha looked up at him.

"Tossers." Frannie said under her breath.

"What gives?" Rhys scowled then as he pulled up a chair.

"Definitely not you," Sasha looked at him straight in the face then. Frannie couldn't. Every-time, she saw him she wondered if he'd figure it out, but then again, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed so perhaps her secret would be safe a while longer.

Frannie sipped her tea then.

"And here I thought you still fancied me," Rhys smirked Sasha's way. "I was so in hopes I'd at least get a good fight of the two of you going, perhaps."

"Dream on," Frannie said, getting up to go chase Nico. She really felt like seeing Cecil again. Perhaps he needed a real French meal for a change.


Cait said...

Frannie is so in hate with Rhys..its kind of funny.

ellie said...

Sometimes, I don't think they like each other very much.