Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Maxie kept quiet as soon as Ian stepped into the kitchen. He'd hoped it wouldn't be so awkward, but it was. So much room and bumping into each other. Ian wasn't saying much, either.

Finally, Maxie broke the ice while Ian was stirring milk in his coffee.

"Are you better now?"

Ian just nodded, but wouldn't look at him.

"There's still a chance, you know, for you and Sash." Maxie did his best to smile and tried not to think of the two of them alone. Only Katy was asleep and the house was quiet. Too quiet, perhaps.

"Maybe." Didn't seem Ian was banking on it. "I have other things on my mind."

"Yeah." Maxie didn't ask if he was on his mind. Best not to go there. It was just a fluke. Ian was probably exhausted and possibly ill with a cold. That's all it was. Delirium. Maxie wished it so.

"The band." Ian then looked at Maxie.

"The band." Of course. Maxie smiled then. He should have known. That had to be all it was. On Ian's mind. Nothing more. Nothing less. "Well, good look with that."

"Yeah, Fletch, Lauren. Good stuff." Ian nodded.


"All because of you?"

"What?" Now that startled Maxie.

"You know, having us here."

"Oh." Maxie went to clean up then. "Right." He nodded a bit then at the sink. It was quiet then as Ian ate an egg sandwich. Maxie did his best not to even look at him.

They were fine. Maxie decided after awhile. Still mates. The best, even. It was a sigh of relief, but when Ian touched his back, Maxie wasn't so sure.

"Thanks, mate," Ian's warm hand stirred Maxie then as his breath came near his face. His lips so close. When he walked away and he looked back at Maxie, he couldn't help but follow him.


ellie said...

Oh..there it goes again. =O

blue hearts said...

awkward moment. but yet adorable.