Monday, April 27, 2009

maybe maybe maybe

They got through their first three songs without a hitch. Finally. Of course, that took about four hours to do. They were so out of practice.

"So what do you think?" Lauren thought Ian might be their weakest link at the moment. Something was on his mind, but she didn't know what.

"Great. Its great." He nodded and fiddled with a guitar string then.

"That's it?"

"What do you wanna here? We're fucking brilliant?" He looked at her then, but went back to his electric guitar.

"I found out we can play this Friday night at the Black Cat, we'll be on at ten. Will we be ready to play a dozen songs or so straight through?" She asked then.

"That's a lot to ask, you know." Ian didn't seem too excited about it.

"Come on, here's our chance to prove we can still be bloody fantastic. It hasn't been that long since your last concert." Lauren put her hands on her hips and felt she might have to bully them into it with Ian's attitude and Fletch's shy demeanor at the moment.

"With Kel, it was, you know, play as you go." Fletch mentioned.

"It was hell, bloody hell, is what it was. I hadn't a clue what she'd pull, when or where." Ian confided then.

"We won't have to worry of that, now, will we?" Lauren pressed.

"Just, Fletch is still sleeping with the lead singer." Ian smirked.

"Shut it." Lauren sighed. "We are in this together. And if you've got anything on your mind, mate.... spill it, will you?" She looked at Ian then.

"Like what?" Ian pursed his lips. "I'm not with Sasha, if that's what you mean."

Lauren sighed.

"You'll make up, it'll be better than ever, you have too." Lauren told him.

"Not this time." Ian seemed certain of it. He went to break down the equipment then. "Gotta get to my shift, you know."

He left then.

Lauren turned to Fletch then. "What was that about?"

"Dunno." Fletch shrugged. "I think someone was in his room though, when I went to check on him earlier."

"Wonder who it could be?" Perhaps he was getting it on with Frannie. That was the only one she could think of. Maybe he was just getting back at her sister, Sasha.

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Cait said...

Lauren always has a way of looking in to things.