Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love don’t come so easily

Ian so wanted things to be normal between he and Maxie. But then again, what was really being normal these days?

Sasha had crossed him. He needed Maxie more than he ever thought possible. They'd just have to be careful.

"Its not like I'm asking the world of you." Maybe they should just talk. He'd gotten Maxie to his room, hadn't he?

"I know." Maxie stood there with his back against his door as if he'd keep anyone from coming in.

Ian slid his hand through his thick black hair and stared at Maxie, intently. He didn't know what else to say.

He waited for Maxie to say anything else. He didn't. So they kissed. It was a really good kiss to. One that took quick turns and circles with their bodies and their tongues. Before he could think anymore about it, they were making out on Ian's bed.

"You know, I-you, you were the last person, I ever-" Maxie breathed in gulps.

"Shh-" Ian just smiled. "I could always count on you, you know that."

"Yeah." Maxie nodded with a pleased smile. Ian's fingers slid under Maxie's T then. Did he dare chance to take his shirt off as they were close and the morning was wearing on. He was certain any moment they'd hear Katy just outside in the hallway.

Ian quickly turned on the remote and as How dirty is your House continued to go on, he went back to Frenching Maxie as he touched him more. The suspense was getting to him, but so was this new found happiness with Maxie.

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cait said...

Ian is complicated but I think he's even more hurt with things with Sasha.