Friday, April 17, 2009

a little bit

Katy was coming on strong. Much stronger than Maxie ever imagined. What had gotten in to her? Just thinking she could have her way with him when ever she liked.

Not that he was complaining back in there room as she was undressing him and making the most of getting him ready for action.

"Blast me, I better check on the pizza sauce!" Sound excuse.

"I turned it off for you," Katy looked up at him. Her hand was already in his pants. Evidently, everything was definitely ready for blast off when it came to sex. Not a problem. Maxie kept his mouth closed, forced a smile as he raised himself up on his elbows.

"Well, go on then," he sighed. Evidently she was on a mission here. Her mouth was definitely wicked. Especially when she came down on him. Really, it was a bit unexpected. They didn't do these sort fo things in the middle of the afternoon. It was rather tentalating and all. It jerked him through motions of amazing sensations, but when he closed his eyes..Maxie could only think of one person. Ian.

He sucked in a breath then. Squinting hard, trying his best to think it was only a kiss. But it had been more than just a kiss. Really, it was something else. And he'd gone hard then too. And the more he thought about it, it was down right confussing. Just who was making him respond this way. Was it Ian or was it Katy.

Maxie decided to have a laugh. Damned if he knew.

And then when he came. He could barely catch his breath. Guess it didn't really matter in the end, no did it? No, a little of him, thought it did.


gossip guy said... naughty..but I still like Maxie.

ellie said...

woooo...Oh Maxie..which one will it be?????