Monday, April 6, 2009

letting it go

Frannie laid in bed thinking maybe, just maybe Sasha was wrong about the baby being Ian's. It could be her brother's. Just perhaps Sasha would rather not say such things since she wanted her baby to have a father.

Perhaps if she kept believing it was her brother's then it would be, but she'd have to get along with this Ian. Keep this all to herself. Keep her mind clear and not hope for too much.

She had to be happy she had a room of her own with Nico. It would be all right. It would be. She so needed to keep telling herself these things.

Just then she heard a knock on her door which made her sit up instantly. She'd only gotten home from work and wanted to be off her feet while Nico played in his crib, nearby. She couldn't imagine who it could be. Perhaps she'd left laundry in the laundry room accidentally, and Maxie was bringing it to her. But to her surprise, it was Rhys waiting at the door.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He said first thing.

"Tell you what?" She turned from him. Hoping he'd keep his eyes away from her.

"That you moved to Hollyoaks."

"I had no need to tell you." She shrugged looking at Nico then. Frannie didn't care if she looked into Rhys' eyes again.

"Why else would you come here if it wasn't for me?" He put his hand on her shoulder then and pulled her toward him.

"What makes you think it was you? Could have been for lots of reasons. Sasha is like a sister to me, and and there is someone. There is."

"There is?" He winced.

"Cecil, of course." She smiled.

"Cecil?" Now his face really soured. "Are you serious?"

"Um, yes, I'm afraid so." She nodded. "We hooked up."

"You hooked up?"

"Yes, right after I had that one off with you." She shrugged. "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but he's huge. I just couldn't resist that package of his." Frannie smiled brightly then as she stared into Rhys's intense eyes.

"What?" Rhys squinted hard.

"I know he might seem quite beastly on the outside, but truly he's great in the sack." She went on to say. "Need you hear more."

"What crap is this! You're making up?" He kept looking at her as if she'd just ripped him a part.

"Don't worry that pretty little head of yours, I'm fine and I need nothing from you. I want nothing from you." She crossed her arms hoping he didn't notice the slightest thing about her.

"But I love you." He told her. "The first time I saw you I knew I wanted you. I always have."

"Of course, you did. And you did." She shrugged going to open her door then. "But sometimes, that's not enough ,Rhys. Its not always enough."

"You need to give me another chance," he begged.

"Can't. Sorry." She wasn't backing down. What was done was done. "Please, just leave. I'd say have a good life, but I really don't want you to have one. I really don't care. Save all your crappy lines for someone who's too naive to know better."

She slammed the door in his face then. It was then she felt so cold hearted for what she'd done. She held her stomach. Frannie knew she'd done what was best, but it gave her a cold chill just the same.


ellie said...

Frannie is good..even so.

Cait said...

Frannie is great at telling him where to go.