Monday, April 13, 2009

just an ordinary day

There never seemed to be enough time to vacuum in the day. At least Keiron had taken Ste off his hands. Actually, even Katy was out. Just Maxie and the vacuum. He sucked in as much dust as he could from the livingroom. Really, he did just a light cleaning around the place. He made sure the bathrooms were tended to, but for the most part people who rented a room took care of their own.

Finally he sat down and wondered why he was in such a hurry. He yawned. He felt like taking a nap as he sat there looking about the place wondering what would break next when Ian burst through the door.

He didn't look well for starters. His hair in his eyes. His clothes disheveled.

"You look like shit, mate!" Maxie jumped up to see what all the ruckus was about. "What happened?"

Ian just pressed his lips together and gave Maxie a sad look.

"Have you had breakfast?" Maxie put his arm around Ian who was about to fall over on him.

Ian shook his head.

"What in the world is going on?" Maxie brought him to the kitchen and set him down at the table. He brought him some coffee then and the left over biscuits.

Ian crumbled into tears.

"It can't be that bad, can it?" Maxie just looked at him. "Did something happen to Sash?"

"No." Ian barely got out.

"Then what is it, mate?" Maxie was puzzled.

Ian sucked in a breath and more tears too. "I've been walking the streets all night. This was the only place I knew to go." He sniffed.

"You know I'd help," Maxie said. "Always."

"Yeah." He could barely spit out. "Can- could I stay with you, a while?"

"Of course," There was a room just down from the kitchen. "You really look like shit, mate. You need to sleep it off. What ever it is." Maxie couldn't help but stare.

"Sash- Sash says the baby might not be mine." Ian told him.

"What? Bloody hell, when did she decide this?" Maxie scowled then.

"I dunno." Ian just shook his head.

"Christ, I can't believe it. Her of all people." Maxie shook his head.

"Just show me the room, please." Ian was exhausted.

"But you should eat something." Maxie told him.

Ian shook his head so Maxie took him down the hall to the room past Jamie's.

"Do you think this'll do?" Maxie knew the room was small and rather barren. It wasn't fixed up. No telling how old the sheets were.

"Its fine." Ian nodded.

"Well then," Maxie said giving Ian a pat on the back.

Ian stared back with sad eyes. All Maxie knew to do was to give him a hug. Tears were still in his eyes.

"It'll be all right," Maxie promise.

Ian hugged him back tightly. Just as Maxie let go, Ian looked into his face. Before Maxie knew it, they were kissing. Maxie felt a laugh shake through him. It was the last thing he expected. But Maxie's lips met Ian's again. This time he felt his tongue on his. It felt like a merry-go-around of sorts. Perhaps even mad kisses. Around and around. Rushing into something so warm and inviting that it was even a mystery to Maxie. But it just kept happening. It was happening.

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Cait said...

wooo..who knew that would happen?