Thursday, April 30, 2009

just a little bit

Maxie got Ian at the Black Cat and brought him back to his room. He could see Ian didn't want to talk much about Sasha and her marriage to Rhys. Perhaps it was best to let it be. He'd find a way to work this through. Possibly without his help.

"Why did she do this to me?" Ian suddenly jerked at Maxie's coat.

"I dunno, mate." Maxie didn't have any answers for him.

Ian hugged him close then, crushing his chest next to his. So intense, yet desirable.

"Where's Katy?" Ian wanted to know.

"Dunno. She keeps going out and stays out for great bouts. Don't know if she got a job or just what." Maxie shook his head.

"What if she's seeing someone, Maxie? What if she's not true to you, either? Just like Sasha." Ian looked Maxie in the eye this time.

"Ian, lets not compare them, please."

"I hate her, Maxie. I really do. She was everything to me and we're finished." Ian sighed in tears. He sat down on his bed then, and he looked up to Maxie. "Could you? Maybe stay with me for awhile."

Maxie didn't say anything. He just kept staring at Ian.

"Please." Ian pulled Maxie in then. He knew exactly where this was going. Ian rushed in for a kiss on Maxie's lips. "All I want is to forget about her, and I always do when I'm with you."

Ian's kiss burned into Maxie's lips. His tongue pressing onward.


ellie said... Maxie going to regret this?

Cait said...

cool last line!

Anonymous said...

haha i am having trouble picking out which blog i should comment on:)