Friday, April 3, 2009

in the middle of the night

Maxie had noticed it several nights in a row. The creaking through the house. First he suspected Jamie had just been out late with a date or whatever. Perhaps Nico wasn't well. But really, Frannie never awoke during the night.

He was certain he'd find a big fat rat. Just his luck. He supposed.

Maxie jerked on his flannel pants and grabbed his tennis racket. It was the quickest thing he could think of. And went on his hunt. Very carefully.

Oh there was something out there in the hall. It was dark, but he knew it was big.


"Ow." It was human.

Maxie reached for the light then. It was Father Kieron.

"Sorry," Maxie winced.

"You're dangerous." Kieron said.

"And what are you?" He was coming from Ste's room.

"Nothing. Its nothing." He shook his head.

"Aw, its something all right." Maxie headed toward the kitchen. "You look as if you could have a drink and sit down and tell me all about it."

"Must I?"

"Yes, if you want to keep this up."

Maxie got out the sherry then and poured them both a small glass full.

Maxie saw he hadn't banged him that much.

"You do this every night?" Maxie just stared at him across the table.

"Not every night." Father Kieron kept rubbing his forehead.

"Has it done him any good?" Maxie wanted to know.

"Hard to say." Kieron shrugged. "I miss him you know. I thought he might remember."

"Don't you think its time to come clean. Give up this disguise of yours and leave the Parrish for good."

"What do you know?" Kieron stared intently Maxie.

"That you shouldn't be a priest." Maxie winced.

"I was going to do it." He sighed downing his drink then.

"Do it now. Just bite the bullet and come here to take care of Ste." Maxie laid it out for him. "That is if you don't plan on harming him."

"I would never harm him. Never." Kieron was very adamant about it.

"Good." Maxie poured him one more drink for good measure. Maxie hoped this drink would put him in a good sleep.


taffy. said...

someone ste hasn't embittered?

ellie said...

aw..Kieron..just who we need.

Cait said...

Kieron could be bad..right?