Saturday, April 4, 2009

in between moments

Katy wasn't too fond of Maxie spending all his time with Simon. After all, she'd spent more than one evening with Orval, already. He was a middle age jerk. Plain and simple.

"But he's a lovely gentleman," Maxie just said.

"No, he isn't." She grimaced. They were getting ready for bed. There were other things they could have been discussing other than old Orval.

"I'm beginning to think you bring the worst out in people, luv." Maxie informed her. "You keep Jamie on pins and needles. Now you say this about the retired butler. Did you know he used to work for Laleh's parents before she was even born."

"Touching, immensely." She made a face then pulling back the covers.

"What is it? Why suddenly such a mean streak."

"Mean streak? What ever are you going on about?" Now he had her in a huff. No need for him to even try to get close.

"True, I find you rather appealing all sassy and what not, but this is a little much, luv. You tend to hate everything." Maxie shrugged peeling off his t-shirt then and pants. Just down to his briefs.

"I do not." She didn't see it that way. "So what did you two do to poor ole Col?" She so needed to change the subject.

"Not a thing," Maxie sighed. "Because he was not there. But Ian on the other hand is gonna be Dad."

"Great." She said rather cynical.

"Now you have something against Sash?" He put his hands behind his head on his pillow.

She propped her cheek on her hand as she laid in bed looking at Maxie.

"Of course not."

"I should hope not. We need to have friends, Katy."

"Even if they are quite miserable?"

"Afraid so."

She laid back her on her pillow. Maxie turned of the lamp. The moonlight shined down from the bedroom window, and Maxie leaned in touching her face.

"You know I'm crazy about you, and you can tell me anything you want. I would never think less of you." He told her.

She felt the warmth of his hand on her cheek. Katy closed her eyes. He kissed her lips then, softly. She didn't feel so alone anymore, yet a bit of her worried if it was really lasting. And would it be her fault if it wasn't?


raspberry said...

Thank you for your sweet comment :)

This seems like a good story! Loved the dialogue.
I'll keep coming.

just a moment said...

Oh, can do it.

Cait said...

They have a very romance going you wonder where Maxie really stands with her.

taffy. said...

at least katy likes someone!