Monday, April 20, 2009

How unlikely

Rhys had charmed his way back into Sasha's place some how.

He'd used the old friend trick. He supposed. Really, she seemed quite melancholy as if the world hated her for some reason. Didn't know what that was really about. Didn't actually care to know.

"See you knew you weren't over me." He smiled as he sat on her couch, and she let him drink what lager was left in her fridge. "You missed me."

She was so quiet though. As if everything was lost.

"You know, I didn't want to hurt you. I'm really not that bad." He assured her and she nodded, sitting there on the couch. Perhaps in her own little world, but she was letting him stay. That had to be meant for something.

He put down his beer then and put his arm behind her just so and then he looked at her and wished he honestly knew how he could have been so cruel to her, but he didn't know. Didn't want to figure it out. But just to go on. Get back to this that he'd missed.

Rhys touched her cheek then and drew her in, kissing her so quaintly as if she'd been his all along, through everything.

"You're so gorgeous," he could barely say aloud. "I've missed you so. Do you not know it?" He didn't wait to hear her answer, but Frenched her then as his fingers came under her shirt and touched her belly.

As he breathed in her kisses, he knew she needed him more than ever. His fingers prodded deep into her undies. He couldn't help but to finger her, wanting her more. He felt certain now. He was the best lover she ever had.


ellie said...

NO..don't do it Sasha....

Cait said...

rhys is bad news..and he's in the dark about a few things as well.