Saturday, April 25, 2009

coming undone

Katy didn't feel like moving. She was lethargic, even. What was she coming down with?

She pulled her fingers through her hair, wishing she could just stay in bed, but it was well after noon now. Just then Maxie brought her in tea and some cheese and biscuits with fruit.

"Are you ill?" He asked.

"I dunno." It was hard to say, but she was happy to take the tea. "Have you been busy?"

"A bit." He nodded and he seemed a bit hurried.

"You look as if you've already had a full day." She smiled at him and pulled him down next to her. "I think you need a pick me up." She kissed him on the lips then as she put her tea away.

"Right now?" He hesitated.

"What else do you have to do?"

"Nothing." He seemed nervous though. She kissed him again.

"Nobody will care." She unsnapped his shirt then as if it were time to come undone. Katy pulled him in with more kisses.

"Of course not." But he hesitated just the same. Only there was no stopping, she wanted him. Now.


ellie said...

Poor Maxie..he just can't decide..can he?

what we needed said...

Who would have known Katy would be in the "mood". Ha!