Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the bottom of the barrel

When Ian heard the news about Sasha and Rhys, he was certain that's when the rain began to pour outside.

He kept a stiff upper lip but he went numb when he learned of their marriage.

"Is anything wrong?" Colin was naturally concerned since Ian just couldn't keep up, and it was a slow night.

"I'm not sure if I should be here." His throat was parched. He needed someone. Maxie. "I might be coming down with something."

"Shall I call someone?" Colin looked at him as if he might have a fever of some sort that might be contagious.

"Yeah, Maxie." Ian looked at him soberly as he took off his apron. "I'm sorry. I really am." He had to sit down before he lost it while Colin went to call his mate.

"Its all right. It not so busy, you know. Seriously, have to find something to bring the customers back." Colin told him while they waited for Maxie.

"You mean, Billy doesn't sing anymore?" Ian looked at Colin.

"Not that I recall." Colin shrugged.

"They really seem to like him. Even the old timers." Ian smiled wondering if he even felt like playing a gig here himself. He didn't know if he'd ever be the same. Had she lost her mind completely? Taking Rhys for a husband?

"Then that's what they'll have. Music. There kind of music. Its just I want a younger crowd too. I'm hoping you have what it takes to give this place a go on Friday." Colin patted Ian on the back.

"Yeah, sure." Only Ian could hardly smile. He just needed Maxie right now.


cait said...

poor ian.

ellie said...

aw..Ian takes a tumble. Dang.