Monday, March 23, 2009

a wish

Sasha could barely lift her head from her pillow. She had overdone it at the wedding. She couldn't afford to do this to herself, again. After all, she was pregnant. She had to remember that.

She saw that Ian hadn't left, but she didn't even nudge him. He needed a good rest. He'd put in some over time with this fiasco which she guess turned out well in the end, considering all the drama.

And then she remembered seeing Frannie there with Cecil. It was a shock. Not that it mattered. She guessed, but he was Sash's ex, and she knew he deserved to be happy with someone. But Frannie? What was she doing with him? They seemed like a couple. A real couple.

It was surprising that Frannie would move so fast. Cecil even enjoyed taking Nico under his wing. She'd never expected him to have any real Dad qualities about him, but it was actually a bit wonderful to know that Frannie could make her see this side of him.

A part of her felt happy for them and yet she remained sad that she'd put him through this all because of Rhys. And now, she wondered if it was Rhys who had somehow made Frannie want to run to Cecil.

Could be.

She had to not think about it. It was Frannie's business after all. And as it was, she hadn't told her about the baby. The baby that wasn't Gaspard's (Frannie's brother). Possibly, they'd never be family now, and still Frannie felt like a long lost relative of hers.

Sasha needed to call her. Even her sister. Maybe it would be a good thing if she invited them both over for dinner. She'd like for her sister, Lauren to meet Frannie. Perhaps that would be a good time to mention to the both of them about the baby.


Cate said...

Oh I didn't know Sasha was pregnant! Yes, then she mustn't overdo it. The baby could have a physical or psychical ill ness otherwise. *the lecturer in me*
Oh, so so what does Sasha think of Frannie? Interesting... Of course, I wouldn't like my ex's new girlfriend
I like that idea about the dinner.
And so many connections...oohh. Makes my head spin, sort of ^^

dk;dc said...

Sasha really needs to talk to Frannie & Lauren too.

ellie said...

Oh..that would be nice. I hope they'll all get along.