Wednesday, March 4, 2009

where the wind blows

How could this be? Here they had plans to go to Simon and Josh's and suddenly Katy was asking, "Have you ever taken the train?"

"Yes." Maxie squinted. "Why?"

"Lets go somewhere." She beamed.

"But, we just got out of the house to get this basket over to Simon's." He looked at her as if her marbles must be rattling around in that head of hers.

"Precisely, when have you been out and about? Even to the city?" She looped her arm around his and pulled him toward the train station.

"No. Katy, this is wrong." Maxie shook his head. "We can't just leave Franny all to her lonesome with Ste."

"Come on, it'll be an hour, tops." They walked on then toward the direction of the station in the cool spring-like air that teased Maxie of things to come.

"Christ," He couldn't say no to those sad eyes of hers. He dug into his wallet then.

"No, my treat," she smiled as they got their tickets. "We need to get away, you and I."

"As if I have a small fortune waiting for such a whimsical moment with you." He sighed. As of yet, he wasn't exactly sold on her intentions.

"Oh, Maxie, we need this test. You know, see how well we travel together." She told him as they went to meet the train to get on board.

"Lovely, another test with you?" He stalled, but she dragged him along as he hesitated. "Won't they seize the basket?"

"Damn," she fretted. "I'll tell them we're going to my grammy's. I can always talk my way through anything, you know."

"Oh joy, now I get to see some theatrics at work, won't I?"

"Well, let me take it." He handed over the basket that was much heavier than she knew. She almost dropped it, but clung on to it last minute.

He watcher and let her do her charm. She batted her lashes, and did her dance of little Miss Innocence. She could have won an ward with that story of her gram being ill and all and really needed these goodies. Luckily, after a look through they let them pass.

"They don't do that for just anyone," Maxie said once they got on board.

"I know," she smiled. "Isn't it amazing?" She pushed him down into the window seat.

"I might turn green," he then informed her.

"You're such a silly boy," Katy bit her bottom lip.

"Well, come on, you sit by the window," he was ready to change seats.

"No, just don't look." She shrugged.

Soon they were sucked back into their seats as the train glided off. Maxie kept looking at Katy wondering what in the world they would be after in the city, lugging a picnic basket with them.

She touched his cheek as he felt the train sway, and he lulled into her. They were kissing before he knew it. And was she doing what he thought she might be doing. Taking such liberties, pushing her hand down, inside his pants. Really, wouldn't anyone notice?

It was quite exhilarating.

So this was what she had in mind. Maxie smiled. She really did want him.


Cait said...

oh my. Sexy. on a train?

ellie said...

This could be crazy. What's up with Katy?

cady x said...

Haha. For some reason I got a visual of Little Red Riding Hood talking her way past the Big Bad Wolf.

I like Maxie.