Wednesday, March 25, 2009

where do we go from here

Lauren had decided Fletch was doing well enough to maybe stay at Cecil's.

"You're doing great now," she did her best to be upbeat about it. It felt good just to have all the laundry done. At least she was slowly hoping to get home. Hopefully, her Dad remembered the little lie about her going on a trip to see her brother. Thankfully, Sunny had velched for her. Although, they hardly knew each other. He was after all, a half brother, Sasha's brother in fact. But he said it was the least he could do for her, and well, they'd kept in touch so much these last few weeks. It was actually nice.

"Move in with Cecil?" Fletch shook his head, making a face.

"Then what do you suggest? You have no money. I can't get you a room at Maxie's. You have to let Cecil know you're well enough to be ready for some gigs coming up. And there are plenty of them. We have so much to get too. I'm counting on you." She pushed his clean clothes in a trash bag then. It was time to get out of the old factory."You just have to let him know, you're ready."

"But-" He was still rather a sad sort... so pale, and he needed a shave. He had a neck beard. Definitely, not that becoming. "I dunno if I can do any of this without you. You know."

"Please! Don't do this. Don't make it about me. You have to believe in yourself, mate." And she believed they were possibly the best, as much as she'd had to put up with Fletch the last few weeks. "Maybe we could just get in a good practice, you know, there at Cecils' in the backroom and who knows, we might drum up some business right there."

"You're asking far so much." Fletch told her.

"And look what you're asking of me?" She tilted her head a bit giving him the stare down.

"But would it be a sacrifice if we got us a place at Maxie's together?" He shrugged.

"Yes, it would, I lived with you long enough these past few weeks, and I very much have earned some time to myself." She crossed her arms.

"Couldn't I change your mind, just for a week or two longer. You know, you could hang on a bit. See how it works out. Maxie, I'm sure would take it into consideration then. If you were there. I don't want to live with Cecil. I just can't."

Lauren just gave him a hard stare.

"All right." She gritted. "I'll see what I can do."


Cate said...

Hey, Ivy.
Thanks, I saw your note that you left on Ellie's blog. Well, I've had some trust issues and I thought it would be safer to delete my blog. I'd love to keep talking to you, do you think we could arrange that here in the comment box?

About "just suppose":
Okay, if really nothing happened between Frannie and Cecil, I would be so embarrassed in Frannie's place.
Gosh, Katy is really exaggerating. Just because Jamie is Colin's brother, he needn't be the same jerk as him (because Colin is a jerk, you can't deny that).

And I hope Fletch gets the hang of normal living again.

Cait said...

this'll be interesting..if Fletch & Lauren get together.

ellie said...

I wonder how that'll work out. I wonder what Maxie would say?